Kenzan Flower Pins
Kenzan Flower Pins


Kenzan Flower Pins

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Kenzan pins, flower pins, frog pins, Ikebana pins - they come by many names but they're the most eco-friendly tool when it comes to making flower arrangements with ease at home or for events! 

Each kenzan/frog pin is handmade in India and made of 100% pure metal - the base is lead and the pins are brass, ensuring that these pins do not rust.

Practicing Ikebana or flower arrangement has never been easier! 

Flowers not included.

    Size Diameter
    5 cms
    6.5 cms

    The kenzan/frog pins might turn grey/black when placed in water for a long time but a good rinse with fresh water (do not use chemicals) and drying them in indirect sunlight will refresh them.

    Made in India