Order from our monoline collection to get single-stem flowers. No fillers, no fuss, no muss - just gorgeous blooms. Minimum order of 5 stems.


Note: Each stem has approximately 3-4 flower heads.


Height of stems: Approximately 12 inches


A plant of the daisy family, the chrysanthemum (or ‘Mum’ for short) symbolizes optimism and joy. The flower is culturally significant in Asia. First cultivates years ago in China, it is one of the ‘Four Gentlemen’ depicted in Chinese art and symbolizes vitality. In Japan, is it the crest and official seal of the Emperor.


*Fine Print: Some of the flowers may be in bud form but will open up in a few days when placed in a vase filled with water.

Pictures shown are recent examples of the actual flower. Given the vagaries of Mother Nature, the colour may vary slightly.



Chrysanthemum - Duotone Pink

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