Frequently asked questions


What is a Bloombomb?

Bloombombs are fresh, gorgeous bundles of floral joy delivered to your doorstep through our subscription service or through our gifting service. We specialise in fresh and unique flowers not usually found at your local neighbourhood florist.

Are you professionally trained?

We have been trained generally in the School of Hard Knocks. Alternatively our Founder, Christine, trained professionally at the renowned London Flower School in London.

What are the accepted modes of payment?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We also accept payments through Paypal.

How long do the flowers last?

We use cut flowers that have an average life span of 4 - 5 days. There are however external factors that determine the life span of flowers - right from the water used to being placed in direct sunlight or right under an air-conditioner. Please follow the 'Flower Care' instructions noted in each product page to give your blooms a lot of love!

Are these real flowers?

Yes they are real flowers!

Can I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us immediately. We will be able to offer a full refund as long as the order has not gone out for delivery.

What is your policy on return and refunds?

As flowers are perishable goods, all sales are non-refundable. However, we take great pride in the integrity and quality of our work here at Bloombombs, and would like for you to enjoy our beautiful arrangements as much as we do. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the arrangement you have received, please contact us within 24 hours so we might have the opportunity to resolve the issue.


Where do you currently deliver?

We currently deliver bouquets within Mumbai precinct but we are expanding to other cities so check this space soon!

Our event services are however available pan-India. We also work with a network of specialist florists for events in Europe and the Middle East. Contact us for more information on event planning.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is free over Mumbai-city precinct and some parts of Navi Mumbai. We love a good freebie!

What are the delivery hours?

We ship every day of the week. Our delivery hours are scheduled between 11 am - 6 p.m.

While we do our best to ensure the flowers get to the recipients as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee any delivery time that you may specify in the instruction note.

We require 24-hour notice for all orders.


How are the flowers chosen?

Flowers, like all creatures of nature, are seasonal. We choose flowers based on the season and what is fresh from our local suppliers. We provide a mix of focal flowers, filler flowers and foliage to help you create a beautiful customized floral compostion at home or at your office.

I'll be travelling. Can I change the schedule?

Of course! Just drop us a line and we'll work around your travel schedule.

Why should I subscribe to the floral subscription service?

One of our goals here at Bloombombs is to introduce you to beautiful, unique flowers that one would otherwise rarely come across at your local florist. There are some amazing growers here in India who export most of their premium harvest and we are opening access to these greenhouses and bringing these unique flowers to your doorstep. There has never been a better time to treat yo' self!

What is a floral subscription service?

If you ever wanted to get beautiful, fresh, custom flower deliveries to your home or office on a weekly or fortnightly basis, then our flower subscription services are the perfect option.

With our flower subscription, you’ll get a weekly or fortnightly box of fresh flowers. With the cut stems, you can create your own magical flower arrangement to suit any vases you may have at home or at the office. This service will completely beautify your household!

All you need to do is set your delivery frequency and that’s it! You’ll start receiving beautiful flowers straight to your door.